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The HaneyBiz Project Radio Show, hosted by Mark Haney, is the premier business leadership platform focused on igniting the entrepreneurial revolution in Sacramento. Since the shows’ debut in 2015, The HaneyBiz Project has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting some of Northern California’s most notable billionaires, millionaires, and start-up founders as guests.

An interviews-style format, the show features Mark and his guests engaging in entertaining and informative discussions about the opportunities and challenges confronting entrepreneurs on a day-today basis. Topics covered include everything from raising capital, to managing growth, to leadership and attaining personal goals. It’s an hour chalk full of everything it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

It’s been said that nine out of ten businesses fail, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Sacramento experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime renaissance, the Sacramento business community has a rare opportunity to come together to ensure that more businesses succeed. That’s what the HaneyBiz Project is all about- entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial revolution is just beginning – can you feel it?

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